Reality is not a Show

Reality is not a Show
Derik Watson
Hebrews 11

Scripture:  Hebrews 11:1-2

Now faith is the reality [a] of what is hoped for, the proof [b] of what is not seen. 2For by it our ancestors were approved. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was [c] created by the word [d] of God, so that what is seen has been made from things that are not visible.

Observation:  So it’s been a while since I’ve journaled my Bible study… so there is a time for everything.  I hope I can continue to keep this up over the Summer.  Anyhow, I read Hebrews 11 today.  Basically, we are told of a ton of Heroes of the Faith.  People who believed God through extraordinary circumstances. In the beginning of the chapter, I noticed that Paul sets up these reminders of these heroes by telling us, the readers, what true faith is.  Faith is the ‘reality’ of what is hoped for.  Other translations don’t use the word ‘reality’ like the Holman translation does.. for instance, the NIV says ‘confidence’, the CEV says ‘makes us sure’.  I like reality.  I like it because I recently was put in charge of doing the High School logo for our Hume Lake Retreat.  The theme is “Reality is not a Show”.  How true of our society.  We tend to only relate to those things which we see, feel, or find entertaining.  Reality TV, youtube, and other forms of media are opening up our lives to so many forms of ‘reality’.  But is it real?  Is what we see on a daily basis real?

What is real?  Real faith is believing in what you hope for.  I hope for many things… and through that hope I have faith.  I trust that it will come to be. Faith is also proof of what is NOT seen.  How do we get proof of what we don’t see?  I think it comes down to feeling, experience, or intuition.  I have faith in God.  I have never seen Him, but I have seen His works, sensed His Spirit, and spoken His Words.  I have proof of what I have not seen because of salvation, because of His creation, because of His acceptance.

Many people do not believe God created the universe. As a Christian, I have faith He did.  By His Word, the world was spoken into existence. I see things that cannot be explained, other than that they were created by a Creator.  Many people try to explain things by science, but science has limitations because science is technically engineered by man.  What is seen is made from things that are unseen.  So what we see, experience, and feel may not always be made of what we see, rather it is often made by what we do not.  God’s Spirit… or by evil spirits.  The real test is to know what God has created and what was not.

Application:  I want to be a man of faith that sees things that God creates.  I want to experience real life through His creation.  I can believe in what I do not see because I have faith through the things I do see.

Prayer:  Lord help me be a man of faith.  In all things help me to trust in You and Your Word, and in Your Spirit.  I want to know and trust that You are with me, daily.  May you be glorified by the things I say, do, and think,.  Help me to discern the things that are real and those that are not.  Help me be a man of substance.  Amen.

By derikwatson

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