World Cup Worsts….

FIFA is blowing it so far.  They’re too weak to punish and too weak to explain things.  I am looking forward to what they’ll say regarding Coulimaly from the USA/Slovenia game, come Monday.

Biggest disappointments so far:

1) Brazil vs Ivory Coast game.  It should have been a great match. Brazil wins 3-1 today and Luis Fabiano clearly used his arms and the goal shouldn’t have been allowed.  Video footage clearly shows the ref “asking” Fabiano if he used his arms or his chest on the goal… Seriously?  Of course he’ll deny he handled the ball incorrectly, but it seemed to me that you, Ref, saw it or why question it? Kaita of Ivory Coast should be ashamed of himself and clearly he should be banned from the game for what he did to get Kaka carded.  That stuff drives me nuts. Faking injuries and diving is not what the sport should be about and if its caught on tape, it should be punished after the fact.

2) France quits. I don’t know about you, but nothing is as inspiring as the French at this World Cup.  They have major problems….

Not only do I think their coach is bad, I think their players don’t know how to handle themselves. Very sad for a nation that should be in the hunt for the title this year.

3) Referee Coulibaly of Mali. His actions during the USA/Slovenia game are a sham.  As one blogger put it, “I’d sure like to see what kind of car he’s driving a year from now…”. Me too!  Something isn’t right there and FIFA needs to really look into this one.  I’d hate to see it happen again to another country.

By derikwatson

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